Due to the ongoing rain storm, Retro Rewind has postponed its January 2023 game swap.

Retro Rewind was supposed to host their first game swap meet of 2023 on January 14th. Due to the current rain storm that has hit all of California, the event has been postponed to later in the month. The event will now take place on January 21st. 

The announcement was made in the following post: 

The event is open to everyone who wants to shop or just hang out. Vendors should contact the Retro Rewind team in advance to ensure they have a spot available and pay the $25 fee.

This will be one of many game swap meets that will take place in the Bay Area. Always keep your eye out for other such events.

Retro Rewind is an independent video game shop located at 1343 Jacklin Rd in Milpitas. They specialize in the sale of classic video game titles, consoles, and accessories. They also sell titles and accessories for Current Gen consoles and other gamer merchandise.

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