Fighting Your Way to the Top

There are many ways I will learn about a new game. Sometimes it’s from other critics, other times it’s what people are talking about or through memes. Then there are games that get my attention because of the title and premise. That is the case with how Waifu Fighter got my attention (because I like dumb things sometimes).

Waifu Fighter is a hentai fighting game that has players go toe-to-toe against a variety of fighters (based on familiar characters). You have a good idea of what to expect from a game like this and you will not be totally disappointed. 

Tourney of Supreme Warriors

Waifu Fighter is set in a world in which a genetic mutation among women gives them enhance muscles and immense physical power. This results in women becoming a dominant force in society while men end up on the bottom of the social ladder. The story follows Jack Hoff, a fighter who has trained his life to restore the honor of men. He must participate in the Tourney of Supreme Warriors and defeat five warriors with his skill and charm.

When it comes to stories in hentai, my expectations are low (but not that low). I don’t go in expecting something of high quality but I do expect something of greater quality than a drama on network television (yes, I expect more from the plot of a hentai than an episode of Law & Order). That being said; one trope in hentai I’m not a fan of is one that panders to an incel power fantasy. One could say most hentai does this to some degree, I’m not a fan when it becomes “man vs. women” for social domination. 

I feel like there were better narrative options than this, which is a shame since the overall game itself is fun.

A Star Warrior 

From the very start; Waifu Fighter makes no effort to hide its inspirations. It wants players to know how much it has been influenced by fighting games like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. It also draws influence from shonen classics like JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure and obscure titles like Darkstalkers. My point is, if you like shonen anime or fighting games then you will appreciate the references. 

Gameplay is basically first-person boxing along with some RPG elements. Players tap the key in response to their opponent’s move. The goal is to drain their stamina and then unleash an attack. The fight with Katie will ease you into the game while your fight with Chun-Lan will demonstrate that it’s going to get harder. After each match, players win money that could be used to level up or unlock a story involving your opponent (these are mostly intimate encounters).   

While it has all the feelings of a classic vertical-scrolling shooter, one can’t also overlook the artistic style. One has to admire the quality of the anime style art being used throughout the game. It doesn’t look cheap or low-effort. It’s clear that a lot of attention was put into the overall details. Plus, the anime style visuals also got my attention (I’m a sucker for anime games). For those who are not into hentai, there is a SFW version in the works coming sometime this year.


I’ve already mentioned how I’m not a fan of the overall story, but that is not the only issue. I was not too happy with the controller layout and the lack of an option to alter it. Plus, the sexual moments are boring.

Players will be using the arrow keys to respond and fight. Right away this is an issue since most of us are used to W A S D configuration (which has become standard in the games industry). It’s not hard to use but it’s annoying at times. Not helping is that there is no way to change the configuration. It would have been great to allow players to either alter the keys or have the choice between default or W A S D.

Finally; I come to its portrayal of sexual encounters through the medium of a visual novel. They are overall boring and a complete waste of time to watch. It’s mostly three to four different clips overused while what is happening is being narrated to the player (very poorly). I know this is a hentai game but the actual game part is more interesting.

Way of the Warrior

This is a game that will get your attention because of its name and premise. Waifu Fighter is exactly what the title suggests while also being a tribute to the many fighting games we love. It’s also a flawed game that has a fair amount of issues that hold it back. This is a game I could recommend if you enjoy dumb fun and fighting games. 

Disclaimer: I bought the game used for this review.

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Waifu Fighter (PC)





  • Quality of the anime style artwork and visuals.
  • Easy to learn while it progressively becomes challenging.
  • Plenty of homages to other fighting games and shonen anime.


  • Plot that panders to an incel's power fantasy.
  • Keyboard layout and no option to change it.
  • Depection of sexual moments are boring.


  1. Dude all porn is some kind of misogynistic power fantasy because they pander to some messed up desire you have. Let’s be real, Waifu Fighter “plot” is not that bad compared to the fact you are a dude named jack who beats up women!

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