Since the 90’s, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers has been a driving force in the world of pop-culture. It has inspired an entire generation to do the right thing and to learn martial arts.

It’s Morphin Time! Q&A With the Power Rangers was one of the first guest panels that kicked-off the Silicon Valley Comic Con 2019 weekend. The panel featured Johnny Yong Bosch, Austin St. John, Karan Ashley along with David J. Fielding and was hosted by Dana Han-Klein.

Before the panel could start, the group got entangled into a game of musical chairs as they tried to decide who sits on what colored seat.

One of the first topics that was shared was how diverse the cast was for a show made in the 90’s. They note how the diversity of the cast was important to the audience and how they inspired a new generation. Using her own upbringing as an example, Ashley shared how actress Nichelle Nichols inspired her to pursuit her passion. They also mocked the current the controversy that diversity now conjures among some groups of fans.

In regards to the biggest regret they had, Ashley noted that her’s was not taking one of her costumes as a sovigner. Since the other cast members successfully walked away with one of the costumes, she wished someone told her that this was a thing.

Finally they shared how the show inspired them to learn a martial arts discipline. Bosch was well known for practicing martial arts before joining show while St.John took up karate after his time on the show.

Then it was time for the Q&A Session, with the first question being about their thoughts on the reboot movie. They all admit that they liked the actors and their performance but felt the movie was missing so much of what made the show great. St. John also reminded the fans that they have more influence then they think and that they should always speak up in the defense of their favorite works.

When someone asked about their favorite scene, St.John shared the story of how he and Walter Emanuel Jones adopted a tarantula that they named Homie. According to the story, the tarantula was brought in for one episode and was to be set on Jones arm for a scene. When the scene was being filmed, Jones freaked out but was they were all surprised when the tarantula also got scared.

It’s Morphin Time! Q&A With the Power Rangers was one of many panels during Silicon Valley Comic Con 2019 that looked into iconic works of pop-culture from the perspective of the performers.

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