Science Meets Pop-Culture

Once again, Steve Wozniak brings the world of pop-culture and science together at Silicon Valley Comic Con 2019. This was a weekend that has respected scientists and tech pioneers share the same stage with the culture icons that inspired them. This is a fan conventions were visitors are encouraged to not only have fun but to open themselves to an enlighten world.

Anyone who enjoyed FanimeCon would also enjoy a weekend at Silicon Valley Comic Con. The event had vendors and artists from all over the world along with a diverse group of special guests who were eager to meet their fans.

Artists and Vendors

Silicon Valley Comic Con had over 100 merchants and artists set up in the Exhibit Hall selling a verity of goods. From figurines, old video games, and collectable merchandise are among the many gems in this treasurer trove. Even if you had no shopping agenda, it’s still fun to look through all the cool stuff and meet the many artists.

Bay Area artist and indie comic creator, Jennifer Jigour was showcasing promoting Secret Agent Moscow. Fans could get the chance to meet the mastermind behind the story and learn of what is coming next while new readers could have the opportunity to learn about the series.

The PlayStation Truck was back again for another year of showcasing the best games on the console. Gamers could try out new titles like Days Gone or see what is new with PlayStation VR.

Wild Bills has become a staple of the convention scene for sometime but they went all out for Silicon Valley Comic Con 2019. Three booths were setup around the convention center that allowed guests to participate in some challenges or get a quick refill.

Wasteland Exports was once again back selling everything you need to survive the Wasteland. The team is well known for selling recreations of the memorable items from the Fallout series. The staff has been dedicated to recreating iconic merchandise from Nuka-Cola bottles to boxes of RadAway.

Promoting their hit work, Mythkillers, the creative forces from Seasun Comics were ready to meet their fans. This was also an opportunity for new readers to be introduced to the series thanks to the free comic books that were being handed out.

If you’re a gamer who hates it when your hands get all sweaty, the team from Gamer Goo has your back. This antiperspirant dry grip has been specially made for long gaming sessions. Gamer Goo is perfect for eSport tournaments or raid parties.

NASA at Comic Con

Dominating the convention hall once again was the team from NASA. They were back to educate the public about the work they do and to introduce a new generation to space exploration. Visitors could learn about the many projects that NASA is working on or get a behind the scenes look at the Curiosity Rover (which was also on display at the booth).

Guest Panels

Cons are not just about meeting celebrates and making new friends, it’s also a chance to gain some insight into the culture or industry. Silicon Valley Comic Con 2019 organized a series of panels that discussed a verity of topics given by the special guests or industry insiders.

These are some of the panels I got to checkout during the weekend:

It’s Morphin Time! Q&A With the Power Rangers was a behind the scenes look of the iconic show from the perspective of the cast. Fans got to hear some interesting stories while sharing how the show has inspired them or changed their life.

It’s just not a true fan convention in the Bay Area without a panel hosted by Steven Savage. Following its popularity at last years Silicon Valley Comic Con, Geek Productivity was back with tips on how one could apply Agile and Scrum techniques to everyday projects.

More than Princess Peach: The History of Women in Gaming is an insightful look into the role women have played in the advancement of gaming. The panel looked at the contribution women made in the development of iconic titles and how the landscape is changing. At the same time it looks at the many problems women have faced in the industry.


No Comic Con story is ever complete without mentioning all the amazing cosplayers that were present. Some worked for authenticity while other added their own personal style. It was not just a photo op with your favorite character but also a chance to learn some tips for anyone who is trying to make their own costume.

Disclaimer: Silicon Valley Comic Con provided me with press passes for the weekend.

This special report is part of 8Bit/Digi‘s coverage of Silicon Valley Comic Con 2019. If you attended the event, please share your thoughts in the comment section below.


  1. I got to meet Arnold Schwarzenegger and now I’ve been a happy fanboy for it. Loved him in Terminator and Commando. A great actor add a awesome governor.

  2. It definitely was scaled back this year, can’t make any excuses for that. What makes it especially tragic is that after being off to such a good start, they should have been top tier by now but it seems they imploded instead.

  3. when I first attended SVCC back in 2017, I saw Steve Wozniak almost 7 times. This year and last I only saw him once. What is going on? Is he ashamed of what he has made? He is suppose to be the face of this con!

  4. This has to be the most boring comic con I’ve been too. Arnold was there just for a day and no real comicbook legends. Gonna pass on the next one.

  5. The uptight security really screwed things up this year, there was almost no outdoor activity happening and everything inside was dull AF. The expo hall was well spread out but overall the Woz needs to do a better job of trying to stand out like the 2017 comic con.

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