It was 30 years ago when Capcom released the first Street Fighter for the arcade and gave rise to gaming icon; so in its honor they plan to release a special anthology honoring its legacy.

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection will be a compilation of all the classic games in the series that was released before 2008. The collection will feature the following classic titles in the series:
– Street Fighter
– Street Fighter II
– Street Fighter II: Champion Edition
– Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting
– Super Street Fighter II
– Super Street Fighter II: Turbo
– Street Fighter Alpha
– Street Fighter Alpha 2
– Street Fighter Alpha 3
– Street Fighter III
– Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact

– Street Fighter III: Third Strike.

As with the Rare Replay, this is less of a HD re-release and more of the history of a series made available in a special collection. Gamers will also be able to learn about the development of each title along with the backstory behind the levels and characters. In a press release made available by Capcom, the PR Team has stated,

“Fans can take a walk down memory lane in the Museum and view stunning pieces of concept art, scroll through character bios and uncover little known facts behind each game release with an interactive timeline.”

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection will be released sometime in in May 2018 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Windows PC. There is no word regarding a mobile release but more news will be unveiled later in the future.

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