Fans of the Forger Family can rejoice as the Spy x Family cosplay gathering has been announced for FanimeCon 2023.

Spy x Family Cosplay Gathering will take place during the Fanimecon weekend. The gathering is open to anyone cosplaying as a character from the anime or manga.

No exact date, time, and location have been set. Organizers hope the gathering will take place on Saturday from 4pm to 5pm at Area G6. The official date and location will be announced when confirmed by the FanimeCon team. 

During the gathering, the photo shoots will be organized in the following order:

  • Group photo
  • Forger family
  • WISE
  • Eden Academy
  • Supporting characters 
  • Any combination 
  • Specific episodes
  • Requests
  • Final group photo

Cosplayers who come to the gathering should be aware that FanimeCon staff will be present to take photos. Anyone who wishes not to have their photo taken are asked not to participate. Those who remain with a group during the shoot will be treated as having given consent to being photographed.

FanimeCon 2023 will take place during the Memorial Day Weekend at the San Jose Convention Center along with the surrounding locations. More information about the event will be available in the coming months.

Registration for FanimeCon 2023 has opened with all the details available online. 

Spy x Family follows Loid Forger (a spy codenamed Twilight) who creates a fake family, with Anya (a telepathic) and Yor (a civil servant who is also an assassin). The series focuses on the mission along with the personal development of each character.  

Check out our review of Season 1 (Part 1 and Part 2) to have an idea of the series. 

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