A Spy… An Assassin… This is so Exciting! 

Spy x Family was one of the most anticipated adaptations long before its premiere early this year. We all had been infatuated with the Forger family thanks to the manga fans and the memes. Season 1 Pt.1 lived up to those expectations while setting the foundation for the series. Season 1 Pt.2 is what fans have been expecting after all that build-up earlier. 

Now that we have become acquainted with the Forger family, Season 1 Pt.2 of Spy x Family takes us on the first real adventure. We see the family working to foil a terrorist plot, Anya working to pass an exam, Loid trying to win a secret tennis match, and everyone trying to straighten their bond with each other. This is the pay-off of having a spy, an assassin, and a telepath pretending to be a family. 

It should be noted that I’m mostly anime-only. Hence this review will not be comparing Season 1 with the manga but will rate it based on its own merit.

Doggy Crisis and Mid Terms 

Meet the Forger family. On the surface, they are upstanding citizens living in the Ostania capital of Berlint. In reality, they each have their own secret and hidden agenda. Loid Forger is a spy from Westalis (codenamed Twilight) sent to keep tabs on the leader of the National Unity Party (Ostania’s ruling political party). Yor Forger is a professional assassin who goes by the code name Thorn Princess. Anya Forger is a telepath and the only one who knows the truth about her adoptive parents. 

Season 1 Pt. 2 begins with the Forger family becoming whole. Twilight needs to prevent a group of terrorists from assassinating the Westalis Foreign Minister. Meanwhile; Anya is looking for the perfect dog only to find one in the possession of the terrorists. This dog can also see into the future and communicate with her, including a warning of Loid being killed. Together they must stop the terrorists and prevent a major war.

The second half is broken up between the Midterm Exam arc, the Campbelldon Tennis arc, and the Imperial Scholars Mixer arc. This half of the season introduces new characters while also opening up more about others. At the same time; each one of our main characters has to overcome their own challenges. All of this culminates in Loid finally meeting Donovan Desmond in the final episode of the season.

Ensuring World Peace

As with Season 1 Pt. 1, the OP perfectly introduces you to the series while giving you an idea of what to expect. Both the animation and song perfectly capture the themes plus the world. It works to bring you into its family and spy themes along with its 1970s inspired setting. At the same time, it drops several hints as to what is coming but not in a way that spoils it. 

From a narrative perspective, we see the Forger family come closer together while fighting that bond internally. This is demonstrated on a number of occasions when each character goes above and beyond (even though they know this “family” won’t last forever). We also see some characters growing even more. This is best seen with Damian Desmond and his relationship with Anya. While still hostile, it becomes more obvious he is only wearing a mask to hide who he really wants to be. However, not everyone saw character development this season (like Yuri Briar) but there is a chance for them to develop next season. 

At 13 episodes this season, it really knows how to use each moment. It’s one more compared to the last but it still requires time to be used properly. Thus every moment counts and the main story is well-paced. Even the moments of filler do add narrative value to the overall season.

Finally; the many iconic or memorable moments of Anya Forger are still another reason you’re going to enjoy Spy x Family (heh!).

That Little Gremlin

Like I said before, some of the fillers add to the overall story of Season 1 Pt. 2. Those moments that don’t (however), do seriously offer nothing. Unfortunately; that is the problem with this season. The bad fillers feel less like wanting to add to the overall story and more like just there to take up space. They don’t add anything to the story nor are they fun to watch. It’s just there to justify the time span. But thankfully it’s a few moments and it doesn’t damper the overall season. 

Waku Waku

Spy x Family is a family spy comedy that does its own thing while avoiding all the obnoxious tropes associated with the genre. It’s a well-written story with great characters while setting them up to grow over time. The season started by putting everything into play then ending with the first of many pay-offs. 

Season 1 Pt.2 of Spy x Family continues to be the perfect spy family comedy with its narrative design and multi-layered characters. This is the season where many of the anticipation and build-up finally pays off. At the same time, new characters are introduced while others have the chance to grow. Overall; one should be excited for is to come in Season 2.

Disclaimer: I watched the entire season on Crunchyroll, which I pay for myself.

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Spy x Family (Season 1 Pt.2)





  • The OP and Ending perfectly introduces and sums up the series.
  • Solid world building and plenty of Easter Eggs for history buffs.
  • Plenty of build ups finally pay-off.
  • Characters get to grow and new ones are introduced.


  • Some fillers don't offer anything of value to the overall story.

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