CI Games has announced that Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 has been delayed until April 2017 so they may further optimize the game.

The delay comes in response to the feedback the development team has received from from hands-on sessions with press, streamers and fans. CI Games is taking this feedback to better optimize the overall gaming experience of Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3.

In a press release that was sent out; CEO of CI Games Marek Tymiński stated, “Our goal is to ensure Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 runs smoothly on all platforms, and right now we still have some important work left on optimizing the game. This is our biggest project we’ve ever worked on and the entire team is pushing really hard to make the entire experience more polished. I really hope everyone will understand our decision and will wait the extra time to play something we’re excited about, and that will redefine our IP and the sniping genre as a whole. This is a new beginning for the Sniper: Ghost Warrior series.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 is the third game in the series and it will be available for all major consoles along with the PC. Players take the role of an Special Forces operative Jonathan North who is on a personal mission to find his brother.

The first two Sniper: Ghost Warrior games are currently avalible on PlayStation Now.


  1. Well, any can be late:) Most of developers rush into release date and they forget about good optymalisation. CI Games want to be sure, when they release game it will go smooth on any platform and player will be experienced full potential hidding in sniping.

  2. It better to delay than release game full of bug. I appriciate CI Games pose and hope, that they will release some material form the game soon enough.

    • I like that candy. I want more:) Such gameplay shows how we can manage our equpiment and how can we make a mission. We can go stealth and we can make noise and go out like a Rambo. CI Games try realy hard to please many players.

    • Who likes delays? No one.CI Games is aware of this and for make us pleased and patient they gave us another gameplay, which shows progress and also few tricks that can help in almost every situation in this game. Thanks for sharing.

      • Thank you for sharing. This movie shows, that CI Games i waorking really hard and want stop until Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 will be ready to premiere. I hope, that there will be more mission in such weather conitions.

      • I dont know why people make such things, but who cares? Important fact is, that we have link to a working longplay and can see how Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 changed. I think, that there is some moments, where game is running littlebit slowly, but im not sure for 100%. Even so, for overal it doesnt disturb.

  3. CEO of CI Games sad, that problems with console version were reason to push back premiere to april. Now they working to resolve these problems. And what ive heard, they will be showing playable version of SGW3 for PS4 on PSE. So im thinikg: is that end of problems on curren-gen stuff?

    • This is the sign, that they fixed what was wrong with console version, becouse they going to PSE. CI Games can show material from every platform now. That would be nice to see comparison screens or movie.

    • Yeah! Such news are always welcomed with opened arms. About this feature there was even word in the net and now CEo confirmed many things. Good that CI Games is in a good shape.

    • Thanks for sharing with this interview. I hope that this multiplayer will be better than in SGW2, where many players were just camping and do nothing more. Im also curious about this unique mode. Hope to read/see more info soon.

    • Thanks for a link. I was reading this interview and many users should be pleased. PC gamer will have HDR and multiGPU support. Console fans will have stable [i think] 30fps and quite high resolutions. Thats good result. Im curious about PS4 Pro power. How CI Games would use it adn what features game will have after patching it to PS4Pro.

      • Thats a good question. CI Games is exited about that console, but they very cautious about telling something.If i should be guess that then i would say that fov and textures where better. Also they could try some magic with 4K, but i dont think that will happend. I count on better optimalisation.

  4. Optimalisation has high priority. And im thinking, that such level is presnted in every serious developer team. Games are bigger, there is more data to handle and not everything will run according to plan. So programmers and testers are making hard work to run eveythign without problems. I think that CI Games will show how PS4 can handle SGW3 on PPSX.

  5. SGW3 on PSX will have world premiere and the lucky ones, that will play on this hardware. There was only XO and PC versions and now, they have all main hardwaer on the run so only wait for comparising videos.

  6. I think, that not so fast we will see comparison videos, but that same was with The Division. Comprasion made fans, cuting and editing movies from many clips. I think, that such experiment will have also place this time using CI Games production.

  7. Fans can make incredbiel thing nad many of developers can undestand this. I think, that players will wait for new materials, and from this game are soon be aviable on the net. I think, that many of us is justawaitng april to play it on own hardware.

    • You dont have a chance. Its havely guarded. Trust me, i tried;)) Thanks for a link. Thanks to this i can watch something tonight:)

      • I dont belive you. You must be weak thief;) Joking. I hope, that you liked new gameplay from SGW3. What can you say about it?

    • Movies from CI Games are usualy great. They’re long enoutg to make you think, that you saw almost whole game, and from the oteher hand they make u hungry for more. This is like this one – more.

  8. @ Greg: Well, gameplay shows somtehing more than previous gameplay. The last one was recorded at night, and this one is in full sun. So we can see what was hidden before our eyes.

    • And there was many things hidden. Some ways that i didnt notcie eralier, some of the flora and funa details. Laso views are more pleasant at this time. I think, that we will spent lots of time watching beautfiul landscapes. What oyu’re thinking about that?

      • In every open world game surrounding are important. What will you have from game that has massive but empty terrain? Without nothing except buildings and enemy to eliminate? Nthing interesting i think. Its nice, that CI Games saw that problem and fixed it.

      • Its not cvray – theose are pictures of war, that changed human minds into pumpkin. people that once have opportinuty to be someone important, but thign goes bad. Very bad. And we will fixit. With our sniper rifle.

        • maybe this is not crazy, but some people are crazy and its normal to fear them. Especialy, when they have something shar in hand. Neverthless many games presented madmans – Far Cry 3 for example. This time we dont know for sure who is main target, but we can be sure this someone has problems.

  9. Fans of FPS shoudl be making cleaning on hard dirves, becouse this game will requierd 50 Gigs of spaces. I think, that beta will also take lots of space.

  10. After long waiting we will playn unfinished version fo SGW3, but that good, becouse we will have opportunity to testthis game on our pc.

  11. Many times i’ve was trick on pre-oredrs. But this time CI Games announced beta and new option by taking pre-order. If that beta will runn smoothly on my pc, than im sure to take preorder.

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