Looks like Steve Wozniak outdid himself as Silicon Valley Comic Con 2018 successfully brought together the world of science and pop-culture for an unforgettable weekend.

According to the data that was collected and ticket sales, 70,000 people attended Silicon Valley Comic Con during the entire weekend. The is a jump in attendees compared to last year, which saw over 65,000 guests. At the same time, it has been confirmed that several events were sold out while numerous panels maxed out the number of attendees that could be seated in the room.

It has also been confirmed that Silicon Valley Comic Con will return in 2019 and planning the event is already in progress. We will keep you updated with news of the guests and panels that will be available.

In a press release that was made available, co-founder Rick White has stated,

“We are extremely happy with how SVCC 3.0 went and it’s been exciting to hear the response from fans and participants. Watching fans queue up with equal fervor for celebrities, artists and scientists is an incredible reward. We can’t wait for SVCC 2019!”

8Bit/Digi was present at Silicon Valley Comic Con and will return for the 2019 event. To see what you missed, check out our coverage from the 2017 event.

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