If you’re planning to attend SacAnime Summer 2018 and were hoping to get a hotel room for the weekend, you might be s*** out of luck. It has been announced that the Sheraton and Hyatt have sold out for that weekend.

SacAnime had partnered with the Sheraton and Hyatt to offer guests a discount rate. As of June 4th, all rooms have been sold out. This announcement only takes into account hotels that have partnered with the convention and not all hotels in the area.

The team is working to get more rooms open at the Hyatt or partner with more hotels. At the moment nothing is guaranteed and guests should work to find their own hotel in the are soon.

SacAnime Summer 2018 will be held at the Sacramento Convention Center during the weekend of August 31st until September 1st. Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased here.

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