The 2020 ENnie Awards were presented on July 31st and Bay Area writer, Robert Pleasant, won the Silver Award.

Back in early July, Robert Pleasant D&D Adventurers League module, “Where Can She Be”, was nominated for Best Organized Play. We even interviewed him about his game and being nominated. The final winner would be selected by the public in a ranked voting system.

The winners were announced during GenCon (via Twitch). After much anticipation, it was announced that he has won the Sliver Award.

Many congratulated his victory online (via Facebook, Twitter or in Animal Crossing) as it was truly a joyous occasion.

Robert Pleasant is a writer known for his published work for Multiversity Comics and G33k-HQ. He is also been active in the fandom community through his work of organizing gaming events at conventions and his involvement with the Cosplay Wrestling Federation.

The ENnie Award is an annual fan-based ceremony that honors the best in tabletop role-playing games. The winners are announced at Gen Con, one of the largest tabletop-game conventions in the world.

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