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Fight for Your Pride!

Based on the WEBTOON manga by Yongje Park, the Season 1 premiere of The God of High School is a fast paced intro to the series. This Crunchyroll Original wants to get fans hooked from the start and welcome new readers to the manga. It’s safe to say it succeeds at both.

From the fast paced action to its sense of humor and inserting cast of characters, The God of High School is already leaving a solid impression. Don’t worry, this is going to be a spoiler free review of the Season 1 Premiere.

Set Up / Stand Up

Episode 1: “Set up / Stand up” is an introduction to both the style and the main characters. The story begins with Jin Mori, Han Daewi, and Yoo Mira on their way to the Seoul Arena. All three plan to participate in the preliminary for the God of High School tournament. All three are brought together after an encounter with a purse thief and establish a connection when they arrive to the arena.

The Season 1 Premiere has done a solid work at setting the tone of the overall series. Viewers have a good idea of what is going on and who are the main characters. All of this is paired with a stunning artistic direction and a catchy opening intro.

Even though little information is provided, viewers are given a good idea of each character. With the details given (or hinted), you get an idea of their personality and motivation. Truly a brilliant example of how less is more. At the same time there is room to learn more as the series progress.

A well written story and likable characters are only part of the charm. It’s the stunning visual design and artistic choices that help bring it to life. Crunchyroll truly spared no expenses when comes to the animation. The artistic work is truly one of great quality and works with the stories tone. Just don’t overlook the ideal opening theme (perfect for such a show).

Last Man Standing

The Season 1 Premiere of The God of High School attempts to put its best foot forward but it unfortunately stumbled at the beginning. It attempts to setup the villains of the series but it lacks the charm that hooked me. It honestly felt like I could fast forward to the last few moments of the scene.

However, it’s not a total dull beginning. The end result was worth the wait and it sets the ominous tone of the villains. The premiere is a great introduction to the series. While the start is slow, it gets interesting the moment the opening theme song begins. Viewers are introduced to a memorable cast of characters and a story one will want to follow.

The God of High School 8Bit/Digi

Fighting with Purpose

The God of High School Season 1 Premiere is a solid introduction to the series while establishing its overall foundation. We have a good understanding of the core characters and the tone of the story. Also one has to admire the artistic design of the overall series.

If you have the chance, checkout the manga on WEBTOON.

Disclaimer: Crunchyroll granted me early access to this episode, which I watched twice to write the review. 

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The God of High School (Season 1 Premiere)





  • Sets up the tone of the series.
  • A solid introduction to the main heroes.
  • Stunning visuals and quality animation.
  • Opening intro


  • Dull start that feels out of place.


  1. Omg been Waiting on something like this. Wont read the webtoon because i knew the to not get any spoilers on a new anime in the first time in a while.

  2. What are you talking about, the first minute was also awesome sound like you just wanted a reason to justfy your 9/10score. Very sad!

  3. Just saw this on Crunchyroll and now I’m reading the manga (thanks for the link). I can’t wait for next weeks episode.

  4. Wow Crunchyroll actually backed a good show for once. High Gaurdin Spice looked like dog shit and Tower of Gods was boring AF! the God of High School looks balls deep awesome and I can’t wait for the next episode.

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