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Crunchyroll Loves has unveiled a new line of merchandise based on their original series, The God of High School.

This is a limited collection of streetwear and the first to be based on an original Crunchyroll series. Merchandise from The God of High School collection will feature a long-sleeve shirt, sweatshirt, along with two hoodies and two t-shirts. Check out the collection in the slideshow below:

They will be available for pre-order between August 18 to 31 only on the Crunchyroll Store. Once the pre-sale ends, the items will no longer be available for purchase. Fans could also pick up other original merchandise based on their favorite series or OVA’s.

Crunchyroll is the largest distributor of anime and a driving force in promoting the anime community. Crunchyroll Loves is an in-house brand that designs original streetwear based on popular works.

The God of High School is a Crunchyroll Original based on the comic by Yongje Park and published by WEBTOON. Checkout my review for the Season 1 premier to have an idea of what the series is like.

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