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Star Diffusion X attempts to bring everything that makes a top down RPG with a hard sci-fi theme to the mobile device. This is one of those games that dose so much right yet also misses the mark at the same time.

It’s not a bad game and doesn’t have many of the problems associated with free to play mobile games. However, if you’re to ask me what I thought then I would have to re-read my own review just to remember. This is because it didn’t go all the way in regards to its world building or gameplay mechanics. It all felt stuck in the middle in regards to quality.

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Galaxy Patrol is Here

The story follows Reynold (a Galaxy Patrol operative) returning to the XENO only to find it overrun by mutants. Reynold is tasked with finding out what happened while also having to locate his daughter. To accomplish this, players need to explore the world, solve puzzle and fight the mutants.

The game is a topdown shooter with RPG mechanics and elements of exploration. In regards to the quality of the gameplay mechanics, its almost on par with what you may see in a PC title. However it has been optimized to better accommodate mobile gamers. I also have to note that this was an easy game to learn. Kudos to its user friendly gameplay mechanics and detailed tutorial.

Star Diffusion X hard science fiction setup was what got my attention in the first place. It would be the detailed rich environments and creepy atmosphere that kept me wanting to play more.

Despite doing so much right, it also misses the mark all because of its pace. That is because the action and story progresses at a slow pace. The game tries to present itself as a top down shooter but it has the pacing that is better suited for an RPG or horror survival. Thus it has created itself an identity crisis that hinders on the players experience.

Not helping is that the story, world and characters are unremarkable. There is really nothing interesting about the story that makes it stand out. The characters are so generic that one could play through this game without having a clue as to what is going on. While the world itself is detailed rich, each level looks the same and thus will lose the appeal. 

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A Dark Void

The game had a lot going for it but the slow pace and lack of interest in the world building turned me away after several playthroughs. Hopefully the team at The Time Tunnel Limited learns from these mistakes when working on their next project or a possible follow up title.

Star Diffusion X is one of those games that it’s not bad but isn’t really going to be memorable. Honestly, had the action been more fast paced or used a turn based mechanic then it would have faired better.

Disclaimer: This is a free to play mobile game and received no perks from the publisher.

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Star Diffusion X (iOs)





  • Detail rich environment.
  • Easy to learn mechanics.
  • Creepy atmosphere.


  • Slow paced action and combat create an identity conflict.
  • Story, world and characters are forgettable.

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