In the last few years, Netflix has been successful in becoming a major player in the anime streaming market to the point they rival Crunchyroll. They’ve had a winning streak with original works along with the global distribution of hit titles such as The Seven Deadly Sins.

Following the successful reception to the long awaited “Revival of the Commandments” (Season 3), fans of The Seven Deadly Sins are treated to the first film of the series, Prisoners of the Sky. It’s a standard story that fans will be familiar with while also balanced out to give new characters the chance to develop.

A Tale of Two Heroes

Taking place right after the events of Season 3, the titular group is looking for exotic animals that could be used in a birthday feast for King Bartra Liones. Searching for Skyfish, Meliodas and Hawk stumble across a lake which is actually a portal to the Sky Temple. At the same time, Solaad of the Celestials enters the surface world while looking for the great Oshiro, a mythical creature.

Meliodas is mistaken for Solaad by the Celestial clan and taken prisoner for the actions of the later. At the same time, Solaad encounters the Seven Deadly Sins who welcome him to the surface world. Both parties soon learn that the Six Knights of Black (an order of knights from the Demon Clan) is plotting to attack the Sky Temple. Making matter worse is that the group has a personal grudge against Meliodas for rejecting them from the Ten Commandments.

In regards to the story, Prisoners of the Sky is one that fans of the show are going to enjoy. It’s basically the classic story of an isolated community being attacked by the Demon Clan so the heroes must come and save the day. Also it’s credit, there is a good balance between Meliodas perspective and that of Solaad.

A Real Sin Can’t Be Erased

The Seven Deadly Sins: Prisoners of the Sky is one of those cinematic adaptations that feels like an hour long episode with the quality of an OVA. Yet the story has quality and enough substance that fans will enjoy it. Those unfamiliar with the series could also enjoy the movie and pick up right away what is going on.

It has the same story development along with many familiar tropes and artist direction. Yet it lacks the unnecessary fluff seen in other such works while giving new characters some chance to develop. The quality of the animation will at times be a slight improvement over the show but the battle scenes is when Prisoners of the Sky truly shines.

Fans of the series who have not finished Season 3 should be warned that the film will spoil some key plot points (same warning to new viewers).


The Seven Deadly Sins: Prisoners of the Sky is a story that fans will know by heart while also introducing a new world and some characters to new viewers. This is overall a fun adventure following the end of Season 3.

Final Score: 7/10

Disclaimer: I watched this movie three times on Netflix.

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  1. I liked the manga and anime but Netflix has done a horrible job with releasing it. Crunchyroll would have done a better job at this!

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