Last week I took the time to review Fortnite for the iPhone, hence it’s only fair to also review the mobile port of PlayerUnknown’s Battleground. Both games are the kings of the Battle Royale genre and now are free to play on the mobile device, but how does PUBG hold up by comparison.

For the TL;DR readers, the mobile version of PUBG is just as good while allowing new players the chance to better learn the gameplay mechanics. It’s going to be all about personal preferences along with which experiences is preferable. Now go play it!


Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner!

Full disclosure; I don’t own the PC version of PUBG and have only played it at conventions along with gaming dens. Like many players, I enjoy watching others play it but I was really hesitant to spend $40 on an Early Access game. That being said, I really did enjoy the iPhone version.

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground is both a gift for fans and an opportunity for new players to experience it without a financial investment. The controls have been setup more strategically for easy play and it functions smoother. To its credit, it knows the limitation of the iOs but takes full advantage of what it can to provide a great experience.

Like Fortnite, PUBG still has some of the problems that come with a mobile port along with connectivity issues when playing. In the many times I’ve played, matches over WiFi went smoothlywhile matches over the LTE network were very laggy. Unlike Fortnite; many of PUBG‘s matches last longer and the iPhone overheating will become a nuisance.

Despite the shortcomings – PUBG on the iPhone has to be one of the best PC to mobile ports ever developed (rivaling Fortnite). Fans of the game will enjoy while new comers could be persuaded to get the PC / Console version.Compared to its rivial, it only comes down to personal preference instead of quality.

The iPhone version of PlayerUnknown’s Battleground brings everything fans love about the game that pioneered Battle Royale to the palm of their hands. Also check out our review of the PC version of the game (not written by me).

Disclaimer: I downloaded this game from the App Store and put in over 20 hours of game time.

PlayerUnknown's Battleground (iOs)





  • Allows anyone to play PUBG.
  • Controls function well.
  • Excellent match making.


  • Graphics downgrade
  • Can get laggy at times


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