This review was made possible by that one friend who chose not to get Red Dead Redemption 2 (thank god for those kind of friends).

It’s no secret that My Hero Academia has been one of the most popular anime series of 2018. The number of cosplayers have either matched or outnumbered Overwatch fans at almost every fan convention, the movie has become the fifth highest grossing anime film of all time and Season 3 has been amazing.

So it was only a matter of time before a video game adaptation came along that allowed players to take on the role of either their favorite hero or villain from the series. My Hero One’s Justice is the experience that gamers sort of asked for (depending on how much time they have put into Spider-Man on the PS4). Fans of the series are most definitely are going to enjoy it and gamers should give it a chance as an alternative to other fighting games.

My Hero One’s Justice is less of a game and more of treat for fans of the series, and I say this in a positive manner as they’re going to love this experience. Players have access to rooster of characters from the series such as heroes like Deku, All Might, Froppy and Shoto Todoroki along with villains like Himiko Toga and Stain. Battle will be set arenas that fans will be all too familiar with such as League of Villains Bar, the Sports Festival Stadium and U.A. High School. While the game does have a good selection of playable characters, it’s however lacking in the number arenas to choose from to battle.

Controls will be easy to figure out while the combos and special attacks will be easy to learn, regardless if one is fan of the genre. While there are several gameplay modes, most of the fun will be playing competitively between friends or with other gamers online. I will admit that getting use to the camera angle was somewhat annoying at first but after awhile one will appreciate it in the grand scheme of the experience.

My Hero One’s Justice sets the groundwork for future games based on the franchise, it however should not be seen as the foundation for it’s own game series. Given the success of superhero experiences like Spider-Man, future titles should be more focused on offering fans a more immersive experiences set in the My Hero Academia world. One’s Justice as a game series will end up following in the footsteps of Injustice, the first one was a masterpiece while the second one was forgettable. However, I would love to see a crossover fighting game similar to Marvel vs. Capcom.

Despite being a superhero game released around the same time as Spider-Man on the PS4, My Hero One’s Justice is a great game overall. The gameplay is fun for gamers who enjoy the fighting genre while there is enough content to satisfy the most hardcore fans of the series.

My Hero One’s Justice is definitely a title that fans of the series should pick up while gamers who have been curious about the most popular anime of 2018 should give it a try to see what the big deal is. It successfully brings together everyone’s favorite non-DC or Marvel heroes and villains one exciting brawl.

Disclaimer: I played this game for 30+ hours at a friends house. 

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My Hero One's Justice (PS4)





  • Good roster of characters
  • Solid visual designs
  • Easy to learn combos


  • More could have done with the experience


  1. Dear Bandai Namco,

    The next time you want to release a superhero game and you want it to sell, please check your calendar to make sure that a better one (like Spider-Man) is not coming out around the same time. One Jusice is awesome but it’s not Spider-Man.

    Marvel fans

  2. I love Boku No Hero Academia but this game was boring, they should have tried to follow Spider-Man example and go all out instead of a half ass fighting game.

  3. At this point, it was pointless to make a superhero game unless it was trying to compete with Spider-Man. However that would be diffcult since its spider-Man, I mean I think Froppy is bae but Spider-Man is my man.

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