It has been a long time since a Mega Man title was released and last years Mighty No. 9 was a disgrace. Those who simply want to blast their way down memory lane with the original will enjoy Mega Man Mobile.

This classic story takes players to the year 200X were advancements in robotics has been made possible by Dr. Light. However the sinister Dr. Wily have hijacked the robots and is using them in his plot to take over the world. The only person who can save the world is a human android with a strong sense of justice, Mega Man.

Mega Man Mobile is the same classic platform-adventure that so many played back in the day. Like so many old school games that have come to the iPhone, it has been developed to be very mobile friendly without compromising the core gameplay. The controls are easy to learn while the graphics are clear while also preserving that old school look.

Old school gamers who were raised with the series will be the first to buy this but the game will also appeal to a new audience. Nobody is ever too young or too old to enjoy a classic like Mega Man and its affordable price will make more desirable than most freemuim titles.

It’s only problem is the game has a few performance issues that should have been resolved during development. The most notable of these problems is the minor lag players will encounter along with a bad frame-rate. Despite these problems, it’s still a fun game.

Overall this is just another example of why it’s a good idea to port classic 8-Bit era games to the mobile device.

Mega Man Mobile is a classic that fans will enjoy while introducing a new generation to the iconic series. Everything that made the original a classic is back along with a few minor improvements.

Final Score: 8/10

Disclaimer: This game was purchased at the App Store.

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  1. Let me guess, you guys are just trying to kiss up to Capcom so they give you Resident Evil 7 for free! Because if you were honest then you would have given this game a shit score. They did a shity job at porting this but you cowards are afraid to be honest just because you don’t want to offend Capcom. This is why nobody takes “gaming journalists” seriously anymore.

  2. I loved Mega Man but they really need to fix the frame rate on these games because it’s just unacceptable. I’m more than happy to pay but it needs to work properly, the quality looks like a bunch of lazy interns did it!

  3. Mega Man is so over rated and this game is jut pure shit i prefer playing the classic mario bros than this not gonna get me to play this crpa

  4. They NEED TO FIX the frame rate issue seriously its an 8-Bit game running on a phone that has more processing power than the Apollo 11 and yet it feels like playing Crysis on a mediocre computer. Shit Mighty No. 9 worked better on my phone then this game.

  5. Seriously what is it with this website and its need to defend failures, all the Mega man ports are total garbage. The framerate makes it un-playable and they made the game way too easy for any filthy casual to play.

  6. I don’t get what the big deal is with Mega Man, its not that great of a game just hype from all the fanboys.

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