Now that 2017 is here, it’s time to for Bay Area fans to plan for all the major and local Con’s. This is a short guide for all upcoming fan conventions that will be held in the Bay Area in 2017. The events range from small local events that are fun for the family to major weekend events for the hardcore fans.

This is a simple guide of most of the Bay Area Con’s to plan for in 2017.

East Bay Con (February 12)

One of the first Con’s of 2017 in the Bay Area is a local event that is fun for the family. East Bay Con brings local vendors and artists along with icons of pop-culture for one day of fun. It’s perfect for comic fans, gamers and pop-culture enthusiasts.

AOD (March 18 – 19th)

This is a convention that presents a celebration of anime, video games and everything that makes nerd culture so awesome. Try the latest games, meet respected artists and writers or check out the local vendors. Those who don’t want the fun to end could stay for the special AOD at Nite events.

Colossus Con (April 8 in Pleasanton, Sep 16 in Merced)

Colossus Con is a local Con that brings local vendors and artists together with icons of pop-culture for a day of fun. There are two events with one in Pleasanton and a second one in Merced.

Silicon Valley Comic Con (April 21-23rd)

Steve Wozniak and Stan Lee blend the world of science and technology with pop-culture for a special weekend. Silicon Valley Comic Con brings together some of the most respected scientist and researchers along with pop-culture icons. The 2017 event will include icons like Robert Englud and space pioneer, Buzz Aldrin.

FanimeCon and Clockwork Alchemy (May 26-29)

One of the largest anime conventions in North America, FanimeCon is a must go for fans in the Bay Area. It’s a weekend of meeting special guests, non-stop gaming, checking out local vendors along with a series of special events and more. Accompanying FanimeCon is Clockwork Alchemy, a special event for steam punk fans.

Hydra Comic Con (June 17-18th)

A new event from the organizers of Kraken Con that brings the fun of a comic con with a mix of sea monsters. This is a new event and not much can be said but given how much fun Kraken Con has been, one could expect the same kind festivities here.

San Francisco Comic Con (Sep 1 – 3rd)

Following its success in 2016, San Francisco Comic Con bring all the fun of a Comic Con to the Bay Area. Fans will get to check out local vendors and meet their favorite stars or listen in on insightful panels. This will also be the first SF Comic Con to be held at the Moscone Center since WonderCon in 2011.

Pacificon Game Expo (Sep 1 – 4th)

Those who aren’t interested in SF Comic Con may be more interested in the largest hobby gaming convention in Northern California. Learn about the trends in table top gaming and unique gameplay strategies from respected experts. Or one could meet new friends and organize a game.


Kraken Con (Sep 29 – Oct 1)

One of the largest anime and video game conventions in the East Bay that takes fans on an unforgettable weekend. Guests have the chance to meet respected figures in the industry along with local artists. One could check out the many vendors, go on a gaming binge or attend the many panels.

California Extreme (TBD)

California Extreme is an annual showcase of classic along with modern arcade games and pinball machines. Gamers are invited to play some of the most iconic arcade games and pinball games of all time.

GaymerX (TBD)

Matt Conn first establish GaymerX to provide a safe space along with a voice to LGBT gamers. Since then it has grown to become one of the largest gaming conventions of its kind while promoting a message of tolerance and unity.

Campbell Con (TBD)

Campbell Con is a local Con that brings local vendors and artists together with icons of pop-culture for a day of fun.

What Con do you plan on attending or was there one we missed? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


  1. So much happening in 2017 so little time, thanks for this useful guide. Now I don’t have to look all over to find what is happening.

  2. Well I’m all set for 2017, so going to FanimeCon, AOD and SVCC. Never heard of California Extreme but so down to check it out. I wish Kraken Con was not happen around the same time as SNAF!

  3. Kraken Con and FanimeCon are the only ones that I want to attend but AOD also looks interesting. Sorry comic guys but I prefer Anime cons they are more fun and have a lot going on. However I will try to make time for Silicon Valley Comic Con as last years was fun and got to meet new friends.

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