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End and Beginning

Mass for the Dead is a retelling of the anime adaptation of Overlord in the form of a JRPG. Released for the mobile device, it’s a game that respects both the source material and the fans. Such quality may seem rare but it’s something one should always expect from a mobile game published by Crunchyroll Games.

This is a quality mobile game that fans of the Overlord will definitely enjoy. While fun to play, those who have watched the anime will enjoy it more than those who found it in the App store. It has its charm along with some minor problems that doesn’t hinder the experience too much.

Please note that I’m anime only when it comes to Overlord. This review will not look at how closely it follows the light novel or manga in its critique.

A Handful of Hope

The plot follows the same story from the anime with minor changes. Momonga (real name Suzuki Satoru) is spending the last minutes of YGGDRASIL existence in the Great Tomb of Nazarick while reminiscing over the good ole days. When the serves shutdown, he becomes trapped in the game world.

You play an unnamed Floor Guardian who guides Momonga from the start. Players are tasked with commanding a party to scout outside the Great Tomb of Nazarick. Along the way you help out others while also helping Momonga find a way to escape while ensuring the safety of the guild.

Soaring Sparks of Fire

The gameplay mechanics are simple, build a squad with your favorite characters and clear out a level. The combat is a standard turn based style. After each level, players are rewarded with loot. Players use the loot to upgrade their characters or unlock new ones. If you have ever played a mobile JRPG then 90% of the gameplay mechanics will feel familiar. It will be easy to learn but there will need to be work when it comes to leveling up.

Fans of the series will like the fact that they could build a squad with their favorite characters. From Momonga to Mare Bello Fiore along with Pandora’s Actor and Lupusregina Beta, the choices are limitless. With only some minor changes, the game does have respect for the source material. I should note that when I say this, I’m referring to the anime and not the light novel.

As with most titles published by Crunchyroll Games, it’s not too pushy with the microtransactions. They exist but you’re not pressured into buying them. One could have a good playthrough without buying any premium currency. This is due to the game being very rewarding just for playing.

Confusion and Understanding

One of my biggest peeves with Mass for the Dead is you don’t start with any of the core characters. Instead you get a few no names characters. Momonga along with characters like Floor Guardians or Pleiades could only be acquired through the gacha mechanics. Thankfully, players start with some in-game currency that allows them to acquire them.

After playing for several days, it becomes obvious there isn’t much verity in the enemy or level design. The world uses the same few backdrops with little to make it stand out. Most of the enemies encountered are the same generic looking ones from almost every mobile JRPG with little done to make them standout.

Finally, I will admit that the games “Basic” mode is easier then it should be. It’s great at first but after a few levels it does get boring. Try to level up as quickly as possible just to play “Difficult” mode. This where the real fun is as enimes are much stronger and will put up a fight, thus offers players a true challenge.

Mass for the Dead Crunchyroll Games 8Bit/Digi

A Ruler’s Melancholy

Mass for the Dead is a mobile JRPG that presents a different perspective to the anime adaptation of Overlord while being respectful to the source material. Fans will enjoy creating their own dream team and defending the Great Tomb of Nazarick.

Disclaimer: This is a free to play game and I got no support from the publisher.

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Mass for the Dead (iOs)





  • Respect for the source material.
  • Build a squad with your favorite characters.
  • Easy to learn combat mechanics.
  • Not too pushy with the microtransactions.


  • You don't start with any of the core characters.
  • Boring level and enemy design.
  • Basic mode is way too easy.

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