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If one’s nostalgic yearning for the ’80s was not fulfilled by the film, then return to the 8-Bit era of gaming with Kung Fury: Street Rage for the PlayStation 4.

For those who missed out, Kung Fury is a short film that pays tribute to police and martial art films of the ’80s. The story follows the odyssey of Kung Fury, a kung-fu master and detective in the Miami Police, who has to travel back in time to stop Adolf Hitler (aka Kung Führer) from trying to take over the world.

The movie is available online now, free to watch.

Kung Fury: Street Rage is a simple side scrolling beat-em-up game that, like the film, is a tribute to the 80s by being presented as an 8-bit arcade game. Besides the visual setup; the game also makes several reference to the culture of the era while using the same soundtrack as the movie.

The plot mostly has players taking on the role of Kung Fury while fighting waves of Nazi’s, ninjas and Robot Nazi’s in the streets of Miami. The overall goal is simple, beat up as many Nazi’s as possible while trying to break K. F. and Hackerman’s high score. That’s about it; nothing but beating-up waves of Nazi’s.

The controls for the game are simple; just use either R2/L2, Right D-Pad/Left D-Pad, or Square/Circle to fight the waves of Nazis. What makes this setup unique is that the player will have multiple control setup to pick based on their preference.

Gamers who are unaware of the film or never played an 8-bit title should know that this is a simple beat-em-up game. There is no leveling up or moving to the next stage, just one level along with waves of Nazis.

Like Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, it’s not about the actual game time but how much time one is going to put into the game. Kung Fury: Street Rage can’t be played once then forgotten, it could only be enjoyed by how much one actually loves beating up Nazi’s while also trying to beat up high scores.

If you loved the ’80s goodness of Kung Fury or got plenty of free time to beat-up Nazi’s then Kung Fury: Street Rage is the perfect 8-Bit game for the PlayStation 4. Especially if you just want to go back and relive the glory of the ’80s.

Final Score: 8/10

Disclaimer: The game used for this review was purchased at the PlayStation Store.


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