Fighting the Zombie Outbreak of Edo Japan

If you have been following my reviews for some time then you know a game could easily get my attention if it has anime-style visuals and an over-the-top setting. Ed-0: Zombie Uprising would be another fine example of this. However, I was quick to learn that one shouldn’t assume anything at first glance. 

Ed-0: Zombie Uprising presents a unique take on a familiar formula by mixing hack’n slash combat with survival elements set in a roguelike environment. The result is an experience that is fresh while also putting a player’s skills to the test. This is not going to be an easy hack’n slash and one should absolutely not expect something run of the mill. 

Outbreak of the Edo Era 

Set near the end of the Edo period in Japan, an era of peace comes to a sudden halt with a zombie outbreak brought on by the arrival of Commodore Perry. As the majority of the country falls into chaos and only a handful of human enclaves remain, the responsibility to vanquish the undead falls upon a chosen few. Players can assume the roles of Mumyo, Matoka, or Raiden. Each has their own special skill that can be utilized to combat relentless waves of zombies.

Don’t expect too much from the story. It’s not suppose to be a work of brilliance that makes you want to explore yourself. It is a hack ‘n’ slash game where you slaughter hordes of zombies within the backdrop of Edo era Japan. The game strikes a balance by embracing a certain level of cheesiness that can be appreciated and enjoyed.

Surviving the Outbreak

Ed-0: Zombie Uprising offers a unique take on a well-known concept. It combines hack’n slash combat with survival elements set in a roguelike world. Players have the option of taking on the role of a samurai, sumo wrestler, or ninja – each bringing their own strengths and weakness. While the combat mechanics follow a traditional hack ‘n slash format, it may not deliver the gratifying experience one might anticipate.

That said, do not go in playing Ed-0: Zombie Uprising as a traditional hack’n slash. You will not last long and you will grow to not enjoy the overall experience. Instead, understand what this game is about and learn as you grow. 

In the game, players must navigate through multiple stages consisting of various floors before facing the final boss. Each playthrough offers a distinct experience, as no two floors are identical. While some floors may pose minimal difficulty, others will present challenging obstacles or a major curveball. 

At the beginning of each stage, players start with nothing. They must gather charms and Secret Arts scrolls, which are pivotal for character development. These items can enhance specific skills depending on individual preferences. It is crucial to thoroughly read the descriptions of these items, as some may actually be traps that hinder your build. By making thoughtful choices, players can create an ideal character build tailored to their style along with the demands of the level.

Players have the option to purchase upgrades at the village prior to each level. However, it’s important to note that these upgrades provide only marginal assistance. Don’t put all your hopes into them. 

A Cured World

I enjoy how Ed-0: Zombie Uprising challenges the player at every corner. However, it also feels like the game is challenging just to be challenging. I don’t mean it’s hard but it becomes difficult just to be difficult without any real purpose behind it. Too often the game seems to be throwing everything without any real balance or purpose behind it. I’m not saying Ed-0: Zombie Uprising is on par with Dark Souls because the latter had a purpose for its challenges. 

Outside of the challenge, I found the power of the Secret Arts to be rather useless. This is due to the janky implementation, as it necessitates players to stand in a precise spot to execute the attack. If players are even slightly far away, it fails to affect the zombies. Moreover, it can easily be disrupted by an enemy attack, forcing you to wait for the gauge to refill. This annoyance became so significant that I practically abandoned using the Secret Arts.

Despite these minor annoyances, it did not hinder my overall experience with Ed-0: Zombie Uprising.

Fight, Die, Repeat!

Ed-0: Zombie Uprising presents a unique take on a classic setup that will put your skills to the test. Don’t go in expecting another generic zombie hack’n slash. Be prepared to be challenged and learn from your mistakes or be doomed to never progress. 

Disclaimer: One PR Studio provided the game used for this review.

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Ed-0: Zombie Uprising (PC)





  • A unique take on the hack'n slash genre in a roguelike environment.
  • Each game is a fresh start and no two playthroughs will be the same.
  • It will put your skills and patience to the test.


  • Sometimes it's challenging without purpose or balance.
  • Secret Arts are useless due to its janky implementation.

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