Following the announcement that SAG-AFTRA voted for a strike, fans have expressed concerns about the potential impact on upcoming conventions. In response, several conventions have released statements to clarify how the SAG-AFTRA Strike will affect their events.

After unsuccessful negotiations with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, the SAG-AFTRA board has authorized a strike that commenced on July 14th. The members are advocating for a revamped residual system that aligns more effectively with streaming services and aims to prevent studios from substituting performers with artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

Impact on Conventions

Among the conditions of the strike is that union performers are asked not to participate in promotional events. As a result, several big names have already canceled their appearances at San Diego Comic-Con 2023. Now fans are wondering if the strike will impact their local fan convention.

In response to these concerns, SacAnime and Fan Expo have put out a statement. Overall, the strike should not impact these conventions and each one has given a different reason.

According to a post by Fan Expo, SAG-AFTRA guidelines permit individual performers to participate in pop culture conventions as long as they are not actively promoting major projects. Given that guest panels at Fan Expo primarily consist of Q&A sessions, this aspect of the strike is not expected to hinder their event.

SacAnime responded to concerns about the strike in the official Facebook Group after a member brought it up. Since they work with a booking agency that works directly with performers and not the studios, the strike should not impact the Summer 2023 event. They have stated following:

Taken from a post by a booking agent we use for our convention “For every CelebWorx Client, Friend, Promoter, Peer – direct from the designated SAG Negotiator – “autograph signings” and conventions not studio involved will be allowed to take place. 99 percent of shows booked by our agency are privately owned and focused on a client’s legacy work. Don’t let a Variety Social Media graphic highlighting misinformation mislead you.”

Since we are not backed by a studio, nor do studios send us talent (we book the talent direct,) we do not anticipate any disruptions from our announced line-up. Things may change, but that is the current status.


With the exception of the major ones, the SAG-AFTRA Strike should not effect conventions. Other Bay Area and California cons have not put out a statement but that could change in the coming weeks

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