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The mobile game market is saturated with so many match-three titles that it needs to really do something unique to stand out. Dr. Mario World is able to stand out simply because it’s a mobile adaptation of a beloved classic.

Continuing the trend of brining their iconic franchise to the mobile device, Nintendo has done it again. Dr. Mario World is one title that gamers will enjoy, be they a fan of the Super Mario Bros. games or Nintendo overall.

Dr. Mario World basically has players take on the titular hero (or a doctor version of another character) as they try to end a deadly plague that has swept through the mushroom kingdom. The gameplay is a standard match-three as players must match a colored capsule with the correct virus.

To its credit, Dr. Mario World does more to stand out than just being a Mario game. The music and home screen actually make the experience feel like a Mario game instead of a slot machine. The gameplay itself is easy to learn but the game will put the players skills to the test as they progress. Players also could test their skills against each other by battling it out in versus mode (while picking up perks along the way).

While it does stand out in a saturated market, it’s still a match-tree game which means it will lose its appeal. Unlike Super Mario Run or Pokemon Go, Dr. Mario World can’t keep you playing for hours as it’s an overused concept in the mobile game market. At most, I could finish four levels before wanting to do something else.

Also I feel like the game only has microtransactions simply because it’s expected of mobile games. They are not pushy about it but I don’t really see the need for it. They were better of just charging $5 for a game that didn’t have microtransactions (or a need to always be online).

Despite it’s short comings, Dr. Mario World has done the impossible by standing out in a crowded market.

Dr. Mario World is another successful attempt by Nintendo to bring their iconic games to the iPhone. It has its short comings and it’s from a genre that has saturated the mobile game market, but it’s a game for fans at its core.

Disclaimer: This is a free to play mobile game and received no perks from the publisher.

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Dr. Mario World (iOs)





  • Easy to learn while having its fair share of challenges.
  • The classic music makes it feel like a Mario game and not a slot machine.
  • It's Dr. Mario, what more do you need?


  • Loses its appeal real quick.
  • The microtransactions really feel pointless.


  1. Mobile games are not real games and not even Nintendo can pull up good mobile game! Also mobile gamers are not real gamers they are filthy casuals and whales!

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