Gamers have been asking Nintendo to bring Super Mario to the mobile device for a long time. After years of stubbornness and following the success of Pokemon Go, Nintendo cried uncle and gave gamers what they’ve wanted.

The result is Super Mario Run, an auto-run platform adventure that brings everything fans have loved about the series to the iPhone. No longer will fans have to search the web for a browser knock-off when Super Mario is now available on their phones. Fans could either download the free version (which includes three levels) or purchase the complete game for $10.

Super Mario Run is the classic story of our hero having to rescue Princess Peach from Bowser. Players must trek across a series of levels by overcoming the obstacles while also working with Toad to rebuild the Mushroom Kingdom.

Everything fans have loved about Nintendo’s flagship series has been brought to the iPhone to give players an authentic Super Mario. Each stage is based or inspired by the many worlds encountered in past titles while paired with a familiar soundtrack. The controls are simple and respond very well to the players action.

New to the series is Rally, which costs one ticket and has players racing other players to earn more Toads. After accumulating a number of Toads, players can then start the process of rebuilding the Mushroom Kingdom. Players will be happy to know that the Rally tickets can only be earned through playing the game or the bonus levels. These features are also available in the free version of the game.

The games only problem is the need to always be online, even for single-player. The reason given is to combat piracy but history has proven how ineffective such a method is and it will come back to hurt Nintendo. Hopefully these little problem is resolved in the next few months.

Super Mario Run is the Mario title that fans have always wanted on their iPhone and its about time Nintendo gave us what we wanted. It’s an adventure that gamers have loved since their childhood with new features.

Final Score: 9/10

Disclaimer: We paid for the game used in this review.

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