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198X for the Nintendo Switch is one of those rare games that hits you personally because you have lived it in some manner. It attempts to tell the story of gaming through the eyes of its main character and how it provided a sense of escapism during 80’s.

Originally released for the PC, the Nintendo Switch version is one that stands on equal footing. This is because it better taps into the players nostalgia given that so many of us were first introduced to gaming by Nintendo.

Any gamer who grew up in the age of the arcade is going to relate to the story. For me, it brought back memories of my childhood during last days of the arcade. It’s because of this emotionally connection that makes 198X a more nostalgic experience on the Nintendo Switch.

198X Switch

The Birth of Nintendo

198X follows the story of the Kid who is at an intersection of his life during the 80’s. He is trying to find meaning in the empty world of suburbia. One night, he stumbles into an arcade and becomes fascinated with the escapism offered by video games. Players will experience a sample of a title inspired by a classic while also learning more about the Kid’s story.

If you grew up in the 80’s with arcade games like Double Dragon or Gradius then 198X is a game you will connect with. Each title (while short) offers a playthrough down memory lane as they are based on a genre defying title. It may not be the same game you played in the arcade but it does its best to recreate that classic title.

While the PC version was unforgettable, the Nintendo Switch is the better console version. The control setup works to its advantage and the nostalgia is even greater since it’s a Nintendo console.

The only real issue is that the games are too short in regards to the playtime. This an excellent sample of what was popular in the era. However the playtime is so short that you really don’t get a good understanding of what made them so great. This is not a problem for old school gamers but for a generation who have only heard of the arcade won’t get a proper experience.

Insert Nostalgia

198X on the Switch better resonate personally with an old school gamer because so many of us were first introduced to gaming by Nintendo. Overall, if you have to buy it for a console, the Nintendo Switch version is hands down the better option.

Disclaimer: This review is based on playing the game for 5 hours on a friends Nintendo Switch (who bought the game).

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198X (Switch)





  • The history of an era in one game with staples from the era.
  • Emotionally driven story that taps into your nostalgia.
  • Best control setup for a console version.


  • The games end too quick.

Author: Stan Rezaee

Stan Rezaee is the founder and Editor of 8Bit/Digi. He is a journalist and gamer from the Bay Area who has been writing about the medium for over five years.

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