Every Bay Area fan knows its not a real anime convention without a show from the Cosplay Wrestling Federation and DAiCon 2020 is no exception. If you plan on going then get ready for an awesome show.

CWF Blkout: Dai Harder will take place at UC Davis on April 11th. A location and actual time have not been confirmed at the moment. The match will pit last years champion, Sailor Moon, against any challenger that dares to enter the stage.

Anyone who wishes to make a grab for the title is invited to sign up.

DAiCon 2020 is a convention hosted by the anime club at the University of California, Davis. The event will take place on April 11th and tickets are on sale now.

In the spirit of wrestling and cosplay, Cosplay Wrestling Federation has the most iconic characters in pop-culture go toe-to-toe in a battle of personalities. The show has been a staple of video game and anime conventions in California.

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