Polygon reported on rumors that Visceral Studios is working on a police-themed Battlefield game. No official confirmation has been made but if the rumors are true then it could be a major game changer for the series. 

As a gamer; it could be agreed that the military genre has been milked dry while any story or plot twist has become could predictable. In the last few years it has become a common criticism that shooters like Battlefield and Call of Duty feel the same. From the front lines of D-Day to the high-tech battlefields of the next generation, gamers have experienced every conflict possible.

Yet developers have neglected the conflict of the streets and the ordeal the men and women in blue have encountered. Police officers risk their lives everyday to protect our society from street gangs, domestic terrorists, drug cartels and organized crime syndicates. 

The real challenge would not be to make an interesting story but to develop a new gameplay mechanism. The simple setup of killing waves of enemies has grown boring and gamers would like a real challenge. It would help to make it more of a squad based tactical shooter that encourages players to resolve the conflicts using non-lethal tactics. 

To the surprise of many; gamers should have confidence that the Battlefield series could be capable of such a game changer. It has the ideal software engine along with the right gameplay components that could be altered for the new setup. 

Such a game could present a competition for the Rainbow Six series while rejuvenating an interest in the long forgotten SWAT series. There are still gamers who enjoy playing squad based games that mentally challenge them and a police-themed Battlefield could tap into this demographic. 

EA should embrace such a concept as it could not only redefine the Battlefield series but it could also rebuild their reputation.

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