Following its successful release in Japan back in May, Netflix has announced the premier date for Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle. The films is set to premier worldwide on July 18th exclusively on the streaming service.

City on the Edge of Battle is the second film in a three part anime series based on the iconic kaiju. Following the events in Planet of the Monsters, humanity is attempting to reclaim Earth from Godzilla by working with the Houtua (decedents of humans that was left behind) to locate the remains of Mechagodzilla.

The film series is very notable for being the first anime adaptation of Godzilla and for featuring the largest deceptions in any work of media. The trilogy was announced following the success of Godzilla (the first film in the MonsterVerse) in 2014 and Shin Godzilla (Toho reboot of the series) in 2016.

If you missed out on Planet of the Monsters, checkout our review that was posted early this year. It was a movie that I described as being like After Earth that was made better by making it into a colorful anime then replacing Will and Jaden Smith with Godzilla.

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