The manga community was heartbroken to learn that Kazuhiko Katō (better known by his pen name Monkey Punch) has passed away on April 11th at the age of 81.

Having had a long and fulfilling career as a manga writer and artist, Monkey Punch is best known for creating Lupin the Third. What started as a three month project evolved to become one of the most iconic media franchises has included several anime adaptations, which also help launch the career of Hayao Miyazaki and gave us one of the most iconic theme songs. The series also has been a source of influence for so many artists and writers.

2017 was a big year for Katō as it was declared “The Year of Lupin” in honor of the series 50th anniversary.

Tributes from the Entertainment World

Following news of his death, the world has been quick to show their respect for this icon. Here are some of the tributes we found:

Rest in Peace

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