A long time tradition, Level Up Video Games has announced that they will be hosting their Super Smash Bros competition.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Tournament will be a free for all match that will pit four players against each other. The tournament will have two competitions with a standard event (lasting 4 minutes) and an event with Amiibos figures. To participate, challengers must pay a $5 per-registration fee or $10 at the door.

The competition will take place on Saturday November 9th starting at 7pm and is open to all ages. The winner along the runner ups could win over $250 in prizes that include gaming accessories, collectable merchandise and store credit.

Level Up Video Games has hosted numerous Super Smash Bros. tournaments that has attracted players of all skill level from the Bay Area. Past events has seen casual fans go up against local stars and EVO champions.

Easily described as the heart of Santa Cruz’s gaming community, Level Up Video Games is an independent shop in that sells new along with old games and accessories. They are also well known for the many special events and tournaments they host which attracts gamers from all over the Bay Area.

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