Halo 3 DLC Master Cheif Collection 8Bit/Digi

Halo Infinite is already one of the best games of 2021 and now it has been highly praised as the best in the series by one of the most influential horror directors, John Carpenter.

John Carpenter expressed his admiration for Halo Infinite. He praised its combat and production while calling it the best in the Halo series. He shared his thoughts in the following Tweet:

Carpenter is no stranger to the gaming world, both as a fan and his influence on the arts. Escape From New York is well known to have influence Hideo Kojima in creating the Metal Gear series (which has been praised by the film maker). In the past he has also praised other video games such as Zero Horizon Dawn and Far Cry 5.

John Carpenter is one of the most influential film directors with a vast body of work. Among his most iconic films are Halloween, The Thing, Escape From New York and Big Trouble in Little China. He is also an accomplished composer, having crafted the musical score for most of his films.

Halo Infinite is the sixth game in the series and the third in the “Reclaimer Saga”. Players once again take on the role of Master Chief as the UNSC battle the Banished on the Forerunner ringworld.

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