Resurrecting the Horror Classic Will Not be Easy

Following the success of Resident Evil 4, horror survival fans are now hoping for a Dino Crisis remake. Many are wondering if Capcom will even consider such a project. Despite the recent resurgence in classic horror games and the popularity of remakes, it seems unlikely that Regina will be making a comeback anytime soon.

Although remakes are currently popular, their success is not guaranteed. Some titles have market data to support the demand, while others are a more significant risk. Unfortunately, Dino Crisis falls into the latter category, as the series faces significant obstacles. For this reason, fans should be aware of the challenges that need to be overcome for a potential remake to be considered.

Challenges of Remaking Dino Crisis 

There are two significant hurdles that Dino Crisis must overcome for a potential remake to be viable. The first challenge is establishing a defining gameplay style, while the second is market data. These issues are particularly crucial for a series that has been dormant since 2003 and has never had a well-defined gameplay setup.

Defining the Gameplay: Each entry had a completely different gameplay. Dino Crisis had all the hallmarks of a horror survival with some action elements. Dino Crisis 2 was more of an action game with few survival elements. I’m not going to even consider Dino Crisis 3 because it was a train wreck of an entry. Thus should the remake be like the first game or the second one? This is a question that needs to be answered before any remake can start. 

Will it Sell: Having a large online fanbase and numerous petitions asking for a remake is not market data. Capcom needs to know if this venture will produce a solid return on investments. The Resident Evil 2 remake didn’t happen because fans asked. Proof of the demand was in the success of Resident Evil HD and Resident Evil 0 HDResident Evil 4 has been re-released so many times that it’s obvious there is a demand for it. Dino Crisis doesn’t have the sales data to support its demand for a remake. 

It should also be noted that the original games selling for $100+ on eBay is not market data. 

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Hope for a Remake

Capcom unlikely to remake Dino Crisis is not the same as a remake being unlikely. There is some possibility but it would require another studio to either step in or purchase the rights. It’s not unusual for a third-party studio to step in or purchase the IP when the original rights holder has no interest. 

The examples of Silent Hill 2Front Mission, and System Shock are all valid instances where a third-party studio stepped in to develop a remake. Konami is publishing the Silent Hill 2 remake, but it is being developed by Bloober Team. Forever Entertainment developed and published Front Mission 1st Remake while Square Enix still holds the rights to the series. In the case of System Shock, Nightdive Studios purchased the rights to the series. 

As a fan of the series, I would love to see a remake of Dino Crisis. Especially one that captures the spirit of an action game with horror survival elements. While it would be ideal for Capcom to develop the remake themselves, they should at least consider giving the task to a third-party studio.

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