After a long hiatus, the first Game Pitch Night of 2019 was held on February 28th. This was an opportunity for local indie developers to learn from an industry leader while also showcasing their work to an audience and receive some feedback.

Developers would also have the chance to network among each other before and after the presentation. The event was once again held at ThoughtWorks office in San Francisco and was hosted by Ben Savage.

Company Profile: PhaseSpace

The audience was given an inside look into the work of PhaseSpace by Jaeger Slaughter. During the presentation, he highlighter the motion capture technology that has been developed along with the games it has been used for, including Ghost in the Shell: Arise VR. After the presentation, the audience got to ask their questions.

The Game Pitches

Five game developers brought their project to an audience that would appreciate the experience or offer feedback on how to improve it. Each developer had a unique story behind the development of their game while volunteers were asked to try the game and give their feedback.

These were the games that were presented during the pitch:

SpaceFrog by Hypersponge Studios LLC is a space themed VR shooter inspired by Star Fox 64. Players take control of a starship and blast waves of enemies before fighting the final boss.

PlayTable by Blok Party is a new way to enjoy classic board games or party games using a unique tablet. The video that was presented highlighted the many features that gamers could use to create a new or familiar experience.

ShapeSim is a VR software that allows users to build their own worlds in the space provided. From large castles to small homes and modest villages, anything is possible.

Cyber Seraph by Mark Schteller is a twin-stick shooter inspired game without any guns. Players will have to instead manipulate the environment to overcome the obstacles while using kinetic force to defeat enemies.

One Fish Two Fish by Nevergreen is a physics based party game that was created during a Game Dev Jam. Four players must battle each other on a small island by trying push the other off the map.

After Pitch Mixer

After the presentation, guests had the opportunity to have a quick one-on-one with the speakers or to mingle among each other. Food and drinks were provided for everyone while guest got the chance for a one-on-one moment with the speakers.

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