The team at Klabater Games has been going on a tour promoting some of their upcoming titles that is set to launch in 2019. Part of this tour involved a showcase of their games to journalists in San Francisco.

Meeting up at the Holiday Inn on February 28th, I got the chance to sit down and have a hands on experience with We. The Revolution. At the same time, I got some insight into its development along with the challenges that went into bringing this story to life.

Welcome to the Revolution

We. The Revolution is a narrative driven experience set during the French Revolution, specifically from the run up to the Storming of the Bastille until the height of the Regine of Terror. Players take on the role of Alexis Fidele, a judge who must walk a political and personal tight rope. He must attempt to stay in the good grace of the public faction and the Revolutionary faction. This task is made even more complicated by his personal life along with his past reputation as a drunk and gambler.

From the start, the visual design got my attention. This was due to its use of Neo-classicism (the most popular art style of the time) that is blended with a polygon design. This allows the game to build a sense of emotion based on what the moment requires. It helps bring a more serious tone at some points or a more humors one depending on the trial.

The gameplay is a basic point and click set up that requires players to examine all the evidence presented while also asking the defense a series of questions. However was not easy as players are competing for the support of the public, the revolution and the jury.

The real challenge comes in finding a balance between appeasing the public, the Revolution, the jury and your family. Even though there is no “good ending”, players will want to work towards the outcome that is most favorable to their character (ie alive while in a position of power and have your family).

Final Thoughts

Overall: as a gamer I really did enjoy navigating through the politics of the era while also trying establish myself as a leader of the Revolution. Also it was hard to resist the urge to guillotine someone. As a history nerd, it was interesting to experience a video game adaption of an important moment in world history.

We. The Revolution is currently set to be released for the PC on March 21st with a possible console launch sometime in April or May. There is no word regarding a mobile launch for now but that could change in the future.

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