As part of their on going plan to bring original works that showcase the impact anime has had on viewers, Crunchyroll has announced Fan Chronicles.

Fan Chronicles is a short documentary series that follows three people while examining how anime has inspired their life and passion. Each person comes from a diffrent walk of life but are connected by how anime has impacted them.

Each episode is 10 minutes long and are now available to stream on Crunchyroll or VRV. The episodes in this series are as followed:

Ep. 1 The Artist focuses on the passion of Cassie, an artist who was diagnosed with a rare condition that rendered her unable to walk. After being introduced to anime, she has been inspired her to pursue a passion for the arts.

Ep. 2 The DJ focuses on the career of Marco, a DJ from Atlanta. As a long time anime fan and musician, he has used it as an inspiration to tap into a unique music scene.

Ep. 3 The Photographer focuses on the life of Chloe, a professional photographer from California. It was because of anime that she was able to start a successful business that focuses on professional cosplay photography.

Fan Chronicles is part of Crunchyroll initiative to create original documentary that highlights the impact anime has had on people along with the diversity of its community.

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