Oculus Connect 6 kicks of with the keynote speech by Mark Zuckerberg along with the Oculus leadership. This presentation highlights the hot topic topics of the convention and the goals of the coming year.

Mark Zuckerberg Speech

The Keynote speech began with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg highlighting the success of the Oculus and the future of VR.

With the Oculus Quest having launched this year, several major updates were announced during the speech. Oculus Link allows users to connect with their PC to play their Rift titles on the Quest. The cable and update will be available in November. Hand tracking allows users to experience VR without a controller.

With Social VR being the biggest buzzwords in the weeks leading up to the event, Zukerberg officially announces Facebook Horizon.

The Possibility with VR/AR

VP of AR/VR Andrew Bosworth had the task to follow up on Zukerberg’s speech. His focus was on the social experience that VR and AR could offer the world. The biggest highlight of the presentation was the ability to bringing friends and families together in a VR world. Also showcased was applying this same idea to AR.

New Quest and Rift Updates

Stephanie Lue presentation was focused on all the new updates coming to the Oculus Quest, Go and Rift S. The biggest updates include bringing Go apps to the Quest along with an updated version of Passthrough app for the Rift S. Also announced were new tools for the developer community.

Social VR with Megan Fitzgerald

Highlighting the social features of Oculus and how to grow communities was the focus of Megan Fitzgerald’s presentation. To achieve this, a new social feature layout will be rolling out in the Oculus world starting in 2020.

Destinations and Rich Presence was one of the new tools for developers that was announced. This new tool will allow developers an improved way to reach out to their target audience. Media Studio allows content creators an easy way to upload their work and see how it does among the Oculus audience.

Fitzgerald also went more in-depth into Facebook Horizon with games like Fighter Striker.

Games Coming to Oculus

Jason Rubin and Mike Verdu  took the stage to highlight the success of their content. Rubin first stepped in to highlight that $100 million has been spent in the Oculus store. Next Verdu highlighted the success of the VR industry and thanked all who have made it possible.

One of the biggest VR successes has been Beat Saber, whose team to announce the upcoming Music Pack. Next came the first trailer for the newly released Star Wars: Vader Immortal Episode II. Finally an official release date for Asgard’s Wrath and Stormlands, two of the most highly anticipated Oculus games.

Medal of Honor

Respawn Entertainment has been working on an exclusive title for the Oculus and it was finally revealed, Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond. Players will take on the role of several OSS Agents as they work to bring down the Nazi war machine. The game is set to be released sometime in 2020.

Disclaimer: Facebook provided me with press credentials for Oculus Connect 6.

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