It’s always difficult to improve on a masterpiece of pop-culture but Rockstar Games has found a way for Grand Theft Auto V to take full advantage of the hardware of the Next-Gen consoles.

When Grand Theft Auto V was fist released for the the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, it was universally praised for its multilayer story along with being one of the most visually stunning titles. In three days after its release, it generated over $1 billion in revenue while becoming the first media property to hit the $2 billion mark by the end of December.

All of this was accomplished just as the Seventh-Generation console era was coming to an end and the Eight-Generation was about to begin. It was only a matter of time that Rockstar Games brought their crowning achievement over to the Next-Gen consoles.

The story follows the journey of three different characters seeking the American Dream in a post-2008 crash society. Michael Townley is a former bank robber turned informant living a life of depressing luxury in Los Santos. However when Townley’s anger puts him in debt with a drug lord, he is forced to pull one more robbery with the help of Frank Clinton. This gets the attention of his handlers in the FIB (based on the FBI) along with his former partner, Trevor Philips. After all three characters are united, they are used as pawns by a corrupt agent in his petty feud with the IAA (based on the CIA).

Everything gamers loved about last years hit is still available only with a few minor tweaks that improves the overall experience. It’s the same open world adventure that has impressed a gaming icon while having raised the bar for the industry.

Grand Theft Auto V was a flawless title and yet Rockstar Games has found a way to make the Next-Gen port a superior game. This is due to the fact that the game takes full advantage of the hardware to display a visually stunning work of art.

However this is not a copy & paste style port that is identical to its Seventh-Generation counterparts. Several new features and content have been added that enrich its the gameplay even more. This includes new weapons and vehicles along with new gameplay features for Grand Theft Auto Online.

All of this makes this port the ideal game that actually uses the full potential of the Next-Gen consoles Grand Theft Auto V is a masterpiece that has been driven past the point of perfection. Yet this is probably nothing compared to what is coming in the PC port that is due to be released in January 2015.

Disclaimer: I brought this game and GameStop. 

Grand Theft Auto V (PS4)





  • Massive interactive world.
  • FPS mode is outstanding
  • Sharpe graphics.


  • None

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