The Game Developers Conference is one of the largest gathering of professionals from the game industry but the 2018 event was the most successful one thanks to its high attendance.

According to data collected; the 2018 event saw over 28,000 attendees during the week of March 19 until March 23rd. When breaking down the numbers: GDC 2018 featured 750 lectures while hosting 550 exhibits on the expo floor. Among the highlights of the event were the advancements in VR/AR technology along with the major attention given to indie developers.

In a press release that was made avalible, GDC General Manager Katie Stern stated,

“Games can be a vehicle for art, but they’re also the product of the hard work of game creators from around the world, and GDC will continue to work to showcase the best talent and to help support those on the verge of creating something special that pushes the medium forward. We hope that GDC 2018 has given that developer the push they needed.”

It should be noted that this data is based on number of passes sold or given out. It dose not take into account non-pass holders who attended off-site events or video game mixers.

The Game Developers Conference is one of the largest gatherings of professionals from the gaming industry and it was held at the Moscone Convention Center. 8Bit/Digi was there during the week and our articles will be published soon.

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