Funimation has announced that they are ending their partnership with Crunchyroll in November, leaving the fate of so many shows unclear at the moment.

It has been made clear that Funimation will be pulling their channel off VRV (the digital video platform created by Crunchyroll). What is not been made clear is the fate of the sub version of numerous shows that are distributed by Funimation. Among the shows that will be affected are My Hero Academia, Attack on Titan, and One Piece just to name a few.  Also unclear are the fate of Funimation produced shows on other streaming services such as Hulu and Netflix.

As reported by Polygon, the end of the partnership is in response to Funimation being acquired by Sony Pictures back in 2017. All shows that are affected will now be available to stream exclusively on FunimationNow.

In response to the announcement, VRV has reached out to all premium members who are going to be affected by this. The message has stated the following:

As you know, Funimation has been a popular channel on VRV since we launched two years ago. Funimation’s dubbed lineup has complemented Crunchyroll’s vast Japanese-language library of anime. Unfortunately, Funimation has decided to go their own way, and our partnership with them will be winding down on November 9th. After that date, you will no longer have access to the Funimation channel as part of your VRV Premium subscription or as an a la carte channel on VRV.

VRV has also offered all premium members $20 credit that will go towards their subscription fee.


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