Looks like the Sony’s purchase of Crunchyroll is paying off for fans. It has been announced that Funimation’s vast library is moving onto Crunchyroll.

Starting today; all of Funimation contents will now be available for all Crunchyroll subscribers. This includes all content that was once exclusive to the Funimation along with new episodes of ongoing shows. Best of all, this will not affect the current pricing structure for Crunchyroll subscribers. Additionally, Funimation Global Group LLC business structure and operations will be absorbed into Crunchyroll. 

In a press release that was made available, CEO of Crunchyroll Colin Decker, has stated,

“When we brought Funimation and Crunchyroll together last year, our top priority was to put fans first, Unifying all of our brands and services under the Crunchyroll brand globally enables us to offer more value than ever before as we combine subs, dubs, simulcasts, library, music, movies, manga—all into one subscription. The new Crunchyroll is the realization of a dream, and we are grateful to the creators of anime and the millions of fans who have joined us in making the community what it is today.”

CEO of Crunchyroll, Colin Decker

Meanwhile; Funimation will continue to operate its own streaming service until it’s fully integrated into Crunchyroll. No set time has been announced at the moment. Funimation subscribers who have questions should check out the FAQ page for more information.

Crunchyroll is the largest anime streaming service and a driving force in promoting the anime community. Besides distribution, they are known for their original streetwear (via Crunchyroll Love) and publishing anime based video games (via Crunchyroll Games).

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