Heads up anime fans in the Central Valley, the date and location along with the first batch of guests for Ani-Me Con 8.0 have been announced. It has been confirmed that Jeannie Tirado, D Piddy, J.E.T., Hana Bunny and Rinnie Riot are the first confirmed guests.

Ani-Me Con 8.0 will take place during the weekend of March 16th through the 17th at the Big Fresno Fairground. At the moment, no list of events or panels have been posted but the tickets are on sale now.

Jeannie Tirado is a voice actress best known for her role Koala in One Piece, Saiko Intelli in My Hero Academia, and Baby Pan in Dragon Ball Super. Her other notable roles include Zera in Fairy Tail and Leila Malcal in Code Geass: Akito the Exiled.

D-Piddy is a digital content creator who is well known for is comedic videos about his adventures at various fan conventions. He is best known for a series of videos of Deadpool getting into various shenanigans at diffrent events.

J.E.T. is an all female dance team who are well known for their performances at J-Pop and K-Pop Battles. For their work, they have won numerous competitions and awards with the most resent being 1st place at SacAnime Summer 2018.

Hana Bunny is model and cosplayer from San Jose who has been active since 2009. She has won numerous awards for her cosplay work at fan conventions around the world and here in the Bay Area.

Rinnie Riot is an active cosplayer who is well known for appearance at a verity of anime conventions and comic cons.

More information about the event, vendors and artists along with new guests will be available in the coming months.

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