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Given the content that players could find in the world of Night City, many have had questions and concerns about streaming Cyberpunk 2077. Facebook Gaming has published a set of guidelines for anyone who wants to live stream their playthrough.

Posted in the Level Up Gaming Creators group, Facebook Gaming announced a set of guidelines for streaming Cyberpunk 2077. The guideline addresses concerns about the in game music (which is copyrighted) and the nudity and sexual moments. The suggestions are broken down as the following:

Music: Since the game includes a “Disable Copyrighted Music” option, streamers are required to use it. This option can be found in the sound settings.

Nudity: Nudity and sexual situations are okay if they are part of the actual story. Players must not focus most of their stream on these moments. Also they must not go to either a brothel or strip club if it’s not part of the story. Streamers are also recommended to set an age limit for who could watch or disable the nudity option in the game settings. Click-bait thumbnails will not be permitted.

Facebook Gaming has also noted that these recommendations will not guarantee that streamers won’t get flagged. That is because the content moderators and those responsible for the gaming community are a different team. Overall, players are recommended to use caution when streaming Cyberpunk 2077 on Facebook.

Cyberpunk 2077 is a video game adaptation of the hit table-top RPG series by Mike Pondsmith. Players take on the role of a mercenary as they are dragged into a conflict between the powers of Night City. The game was released on December 9th and has been highly praised by critics and fans.

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