AttackonTitan_ Reiner

Fans of Attack on Titan woke up Sunday morning and logged on to their preferred streaming site (be it Crunchyroll, VRV or Funimation Now) were surprised to see that Episode #48 was not available to watch.

No the season is not over, the reason for the delay is due to Typhoon Trami, which has affected parts of Japan. The announcement was made by Funimation with the following message:

While there were a few who were upset over the delay, many showed their support and wished the team the best during the storm. Especially those in Florida, South Carolina and Louisiana who have been hit by a major hurricane.

Attack on Titan is a series that focuses on a fight for survival between the last bastion of humanity against giant monsters called Titans. So far, Season 3 of the anime has focused on the Uprising Arc of the story and Episode #48 should premier this coming Sunday.

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