Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 is set to be released in early April while fans will get a chance to experience the Open Beta during the weekend of February 3rd. In preparation for the launch, CI Games has revealed details regarding several major characters and plot points.

The details provided are a comprehensive look into the games main story along with several of the major characters.

The Story

The Republic of Georgia is on the brink as the operations of several rogue Separatist factions is causing political instability. Given the countries location as a cross-road between Asia and Europe, the United States dispatches the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) to prevent an all out civil war. Jon North is deployed into the country. His mission is to take out the Separatist leaders while working with local forces to restore order.

North is also on a personal mission, locate and rescue his younger brother. Intel suggests that he  is being held captive by a Separatist faction following an operation that went wrong. With an assigned task and personal mission, he must find a balance between the two during this heated conflict.

The Characters

Jonathan “Jon” North  (Playable Character) – A US Marine and JSOC operative to who is deployed to the Republic of Georgia to neutralize the rogue separatists. During his career, he has completed multiple black ops assignments and has been awarded the Navy Cross for his actions in Afghanistan.

Frank Simms – Jon’s handler in the field who is whiling to help in the search for Robert so long as he is focused on the main objective.

Lydia Jorjadze -A former operative of the Special Forces Brigade and a member of Jon team due to her familiarity with the region and their past history. She is helping Jon as a favor while also on a personal mission to find out why he ended their relationship.

Robert North – Jon’s brother who is thought to have been killed during an operation in the region. Intel suggests he might still be alive and being held by separatists, which is why Jon has gotten involved in the conflict.

Raquel Shein – A Mossad agent who agrees to help Jon if he will helps locate a rogue scientist and shutdown his operation.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 will be the third game and is set to be released in April 2017 for all major consoles along with the PC. Fans who want to try the game early could registration for the Open Beta.

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