Just in time for Halloween, Crunchyroll has released the “DARK TRAILER” of the upcoming original series, Onyx Equinox.

Onyx Equinox DARK TRAILER showcases the brutal world our heroes live in along with the challenges they must overcome. You can watch it here (be warned that it’s not for the squeamish):

This first look into Onyx Equinox has already been meet with high praise by critics and fans. Many are already compering it to Avatar: The Last Airbender (only with a much darker tone). The series is set to premier on Crunchyroll on November 21st.

Onyx Equinox follows the journey of Izel who has been chosen to prove humanities worth to the gods. To accomplish this task, he must team up with others and embark on on a quest to close the five gates to the underworld.

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