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Crunchyroll Games has announcing that it has opened the pre-registration for their up coming mobile game, Grand Alliance.

Grand Alliance is an anime-style RPG that is set in industrial fantasy world that is being torn by civil war. When the Imperial family is ousted in a coup, the noble houses begin to conspire against each other. Their goal is to control of the Spires (the source of magic in this world). The story will follow Amelia Ravensburg, the last heir to the throne, as she works with her allies to reclaim her throne and restore order.

Checkout the trailer to get an idea of what to expect:

The gameplay will be an RPG with real time battle mechanics that will allow players to control their party on an isometric battlefield. Players will be able to customize their heroes skills and equipment based on their preferred play style. However, players will be encouraged to mix match their heroes and to experiment with the many options available.

Pre-registration for Grand Alliance is open now and those who sign-up will get updates regarding its progress. The game is going to launch sometime in the future for both the Android and iOs. More information will be made available in the coming months.

Grand Alliance is the result of a partnership between Crunchyroll Games along with Viz Media and Gaudium. Viz Media had previously published The World Next Door while Gaudium is known for their work on anime inspired games.

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