Attention to all fellow cinephiles, the Criterion Collection has announces several new debuts set to be released sometime in January 2017.

The January release will include several groundbreaking films from around the world. They will include the debut film of director Ousmane Sembène, a portrait of 1970s gay life from Rainer Werner Fassbinder, a harrowing work of psychological realism by Jack Garfein, and a Howard Hawks classic.

The new January releases are:

His Girl Friday (1940) – This Howard Hawk classic follows the newspaper editor Walter Burns trying to stop his ex-wife and star reporter, Hildy Johnson, from marrying a bland insurance salesman and settling down to a quiet life. Walter determines to sabotage these plans by enticing Hildy to cover one last story, the upcoming execution of convicted murderer.

Something Wild (1961) – This psychological drama follows the Mary Ann Robinson trying to live her life after she is raped. Haunted by the incident and unable to live, she contemplates suicide before being saved by  Mike. However what ends up happening is she becomes entangled in an abusive relationship.

Black Girl (1966) – The debut film of Ousmane Sembène, who has been hailed as the Father of African Cinema. The story follows Diouana as it shifts between her present life in France and flashbacks of her previous life in Senegal.

Fox and His Friends (1975) – The story follows the misadventures of Franz Bieberkopf who falls in love with Eugen, the elegant son of an industrialist. Eugen tries to mold Franz into a mirror of upper-class values while trying to swindle him out of lottery winnings.

The Criterion Collection is a production company that restores and distributes films that are seen as being significant to the cinematic arts.

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