Time to start planning your cosplay line up for FanimeCon 2022 as they have announced the schedule for the cosplay gatherings. The schedule includes the theme, day, time and location of the cosplay gatherings.

To find the location of the gathering, check out the official map. The schedule for all official FanimeCon 2022 cosplay gatherings are as followed:

Friday May 27th

1:00pm Tokusatsu at location G6
3:00pm Fairy Tail at location G4
3:00pm The Arcana at location G5
3:00pm Marvel at location G6
3:00pm Monolith Games (Xenoblade, Xenosaga, and Xenogears) at location G8
3:00pm Inuyasha at location G9
4:00pm Panty & Stocking at location G5
4:00pm Disney at location G6
4:00pm Tokyo Revengers at location G7
4:00pm Anime Sports at location G5
5:00pm Animal Crossing at location G6
5:00pm Moomin at location G8
6:00pm My Hero Academia at location G6
6:00pm Old School Anime (Pre-2001) at location G7
8:00pmYakuza Friday at location G5

Saturday May 28th

11:00am Darling in the Franxx at location G5
11:00am Ensemble Stars at location G6
Noon Dragon Age at location G4
Noon Bang Dream! / Bandori! at location G5
Noon Genshin Impact at location G6
Noon Pokemon at location G7
1:00pm Azur Lane at location G6
1:00pm Super Smash Bros at location G7
1:00pm Critical Role at location G9
2:00pm Chainsaw Man at location G4
2:00pm Danganronpa at location G6
2:00pm Nintendo at location G7
2:00pm Fate Series at location G9
3:00pm Touhou Project at location G8
3:00pm Idolish7 at location G7
4:00pm Fighting Games at location G6
5:00pm Shonen Jump at location G6
5:00pm SpiderVerse at location G7
6:00pm Star Wars at location G7

Sunday May 29th

10:00am Broadway at location G6
11:00am Love Live! at location G6
11:00am Studio Ghibli at location G7
11:00am Inazuma Eleven at location G9
Noon Fullmetal Alchemist at location G7
1:00pm Wrestling Sunday at location G4
1:00pm Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure at location G6
2:00pm League of Legends at location G6
2:00pm Identity V at location G7
3:00pm Legend of Zelda at location G4
3:00pm Granblue Fantasy at location G6
3:00pm Undertale at location G7
3:00pm Ouran High School Host Club at location G8
4:00pm Sailor Moon at location G6
4:00pm Final Fantasy at location G7
5:00pm Harry Potter at location G5
5:00pm Fire Emblem at location G6

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What to Expect

It should be noted that this list only includes cosplay gatherings that are officially organized by the FanimeCon staff. There could be unofficial cosplay gatherings in the area but guests fans will have to network if they wish to find them.

Cosplay gatherings are one of several events set to take place during FanimeCon 2022. The guest list includes Japanese voice actress and singer Aoi Yuki, voice actress Xanthe Huynh, Alvin Zhou from Anime with Alvin, voice actress Cherami Leigh, professional cosplayer and Gunpla builder VampyBitMe, along with professional cosplayer Maguma. More guests will be announced in the coming weeks along with details about the events.

FanimeCon is one of the largest fan organized anime conventions. It will take place at the San Jose Convention Center during the Memorial Day weekend. Check out our coverage of the 2019 event (the last live event).

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  1. Wow they don’t have this on there website and the one on facebook is so poorly posted but thank you for orginizing a list of all the FanimeCon cosplay gatherings.

  2. I didn’t realize that Fanimecon would post the cosplay gathering list so early. Glad to see my hero and JOJO are confirmed but sad no Overwatch. Is overwatch dead or are they boycotting it?

  3. Is it really a good idea to have a cosplay gathering when COVID is a thing? I will be cosplaying at FanimeCon all weekend but the cosplay gatherings seem to be a very bad idea espically after what happened at GDC.

  4. Thank you I have been looking every where for the FanimeCon 2022 cosplay gathering schedule. They don’t have it on the website and some have told me its on Facebook but I don’t want to use them anymore. This list has been very helpful thank you a lot

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