Remember when Star Wars games were awesome before loot boxes and half games? Now you could relive that wonderful era thanks to BitReplay’s special Star Wars sale.

As the Holiday season comes to an end and in honor of The Last Jedi, BitReplay will be hosting Star Wars: The Last Video Game Sale. Their warehouse will be decorated in holiday and Star Wars props while attention will be given to games that take players to a galaxy far far away.

However gamers can also find non-Star Wars games during the sale. This promotion is part of their month long Holiday Warehouse Sale. Customers could either pay with cash, credit or PayPal and trade-ins are also welcomed.

Star Wars: The Last Video Game Sale will start on Saturday, December 16th from 10am until 6pm. BitReplay warehouse is located on 3501 Thomas Rd. STE 4, Santa Clara, CA, California.

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